“Succession is similar to a journey or a trip. We have a basic idea of where we want to go or end up but are vague about how to start.”

Much like a travel consultant, John White can help you with your personalised ‘travel guide’ to identify succession pathways for stakeholders and support you in your journey towards retirement:

  • Meet at a time and place that suits you
  • Determine the current circumstances and dynamics including assets, loans and the wishes of each person involved
  • Assess the viability and sustainability of the enterprise – currently and moving forward
  • Assist and liaise on your behalf to determine government benefits (Age Pension, Aged Care and Farm Household Allowance)
  • Assist as needed with discussions involving finance, accountants or lawyers
  • Facilitate meetings with all stakeholders regarding income and other sensitive matters
  • Confidential support enabling all family members to express their wishes or concerns.